The Wyoming legislature lacks people like Karlee - people who know what it’s like to not have health insurance or a steady paycheck. It lacks people with the tenacity and political courage to stand up for the "little guy."
Public Lands

Our public lands give Wyomingites an opportunity for a high quality of life without a steep price tag. Our public lands provide opportunities for anything between hunting to economic diversification. Without our Red Desert, iconic peaks, and crystal-clear waterways, we would not be Wyoming. Protecting public lands is an investment in ourselves and our children who will inherit them.

Transparency & Accountability

Part of what makes small towns great is the feeling that everyone is invested in the well-being of our neighbors. But Albany County has seen first-hand what it looks like when our public officials have forgotten their neighbors and acted in the best interest of the Good Ol’ Boys’ club. Transparency and accountability is the bedrock of government integrity, and we don't have enough of it.


No one should die because they couldn't afford to go to the doctor, or not be able to afford groceries because they’re struggling to payoff their medical bills. Too many people in Wyoming don't have health insurance because they make too much money for Medicaid but not enough to buy coverage.Wyoming lawmakers must find a way to give our neighbors a helping hand.

Criminal Justice Reform

Wyoming’s prisons are overcrowded and are failing to provide people with the tools to succeed once they’re back in our communities. People should not go to prison for marijuana possession or spend time in jail because they're too poor to pay fines. We need a criminal justice system that rehabilitates and works for our communities. 

Working class

Our economy was built on the backs of workers in the mineral industry who sacrificed to give us the Wyoming that we know and love. Policies that focus on protecting those workers, not the executives concerned about their bottom line, should be our core values. The State Legislature needs a voice that understands the struggles of working families. 


The Wyoming constitution’s promise of quality education for all children represents some of the best of what Wyoming has to offer. To continue upholding this constitutional obligation for future generations means diversifying our economy to help pay for the investment in our children’s and Wyoming’s future.